Adeline Boettcher, PhD

Business & Product

Dr. Adeline Boettcher is the Business & Product Lead at Savoy Life.
Prior to joining Savoy Life, Dr. Boettcher was a Healthcare Fellow at Red Cell Partners, where she provided business strategy and operational support to healthcare and national security start-ups, including Zephyr AI and DEFCON AI.

Dr. Boettcher was formerly a consultant that worked with biotechnology start-up companies and medical associations on scientific communications and research strategies through her self-owned business, Alpha Beta Scientific Communications, LLC. Dr. Boettcher was previously a Scientific Editor with the Radiological Society of North America and a cancer researcher at Northwestern University.

She has a PhD in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from Iowa State University. Throughout her academic and editorial work, she produced numerous peer-reviewed publications across various biomedicine and health topics.
She currently resides in Virginia and enjoys being outdoors.

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