Simplifying Healthcare for
Seniors and Their Caregivers

Caregiving is hard. Savoy Life’s mission is to ensure healthcare doesn’t make it harder by delivering high-quality health and compliance solutions to senior living communities. 

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Currently Operating in California and Washington

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Need More Than Move-In Support?

Savoy Life was created to make healthcare work better for senior living. With our on-demand, responsive care solutions, we help owners, caregivers, and placement agencies meet their needs as well as those of residents, and residents’ loved ones and powers of attorney. 

Savoy On Demand

Move-In, Assessment & Planning, and Compliance Services 

Seamlessly welcome new residents to your community and streamline the completion of paperwork with on-demand support services.  

Savoy Clarity

Health Monitoring to Minimize Risk

Rely on our remote health monitoring devices to detect health risks and connect residents with a Savoy Life nurse to address issues as they arise.  

Savoy Care

Pairing Communities with Care Managers  

Our virtual concierge helps coordinate the care of your residents and match them with specialized providers to receive attentive and personalized care.   

Help Us Help You

Are you an operator, owner, or executive of a residential care community or placement agency? We are committed to building the solutions that you and your residents need. 

How It Works

1. Join Our Waitlist

Build your profile on our site by joining our waitlist and telling us about your community’s needs. We will notify you when Savoy Life becomes available in your area.  

2. Intake Call

As soon as Savoy Life’s services are available near you, we will schedule a call to further discuss the needs of your community so we can understand how to best support you, your staff, and your residents.  

3. Service Selection

We will work with you to select the services that best align with the healthcare and compliance needs of your community.  

4. Community Integration

We will partner with you to integrate Savoy Life seamlessly into your community. 

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